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It starts with an Initial Consultation.  


Depending on your unique situation, you will meet with some or all members of our multidisciplinary team to assess your overall health and well-being.  From there we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your needs.  Our collaborative approach allows us to provide a wide range of services.  We know that this is not an easy time for clients and their families, and our approach emphasizes creating strong and trusting lines of communication.



·    Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families: Our therapists have advanced training and expertise in many different types of therapeutic modalities. Our approach to therapy is integrative, pulling in therapeutic interventions based on each client’s individual needs.  To learn more about different therapeutic modalities used at GBWC, click here.


·    Nutrition Counseling: Our dietitians will work with you to create a meal plan that nourishes your body.  We understand that food and eating can be complicated.  Meal plans are individualized to be nutrient dense, flexible, affordable, culture-sensitive and enjoyable. 


·    Psychopharmacology: Psychopharmacology, or medicine for the mind, may be recommended after a thorough and careful assessment incorporating a history and collaboration with you and your team and at times one's family and loved ones. Psychopharmacology includes traditional western medicine, additional supplements, among other, newer, options. Genetic testing for responses to psychopharmacology is also offered and explored when necessary. 


·    Meal coaching and Home-based Support: Learning how to care for oneself happens at home and in the community.  We will meet with you in your community and help you to accomplish often challenging tasks such as grocery shopping, preparing and eating a meal, dining at a restaurant, shopping for new clothes or parting with old clothes.


·    Treatment placement consultation: When a higher level of care is needed, our treatment specialists make recommendations and help facilitate the transition.  We have relationships with many programs across the country and will help find the best care for you.


·    Clinical Case Management: You may come to us with complex behavioral, emotional and medical needs, which require a team of multiple treatment providers.  We coordinate communication among all providers on the team and continually reassess and address challenges as they arise over time.


·    Clinical Consultation for professionals: Our clinicians offer clinical consultation to therapists, registered dieticians, and psychopharmacologists.


·    Private Practice Development Consultation: We offer consultation for professionals who are starting a private practice or who want to enhance and grow their practice.

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