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Remembering Jaime Hyde

Jaime Hyde was a Clinical Social Worker and esteemed member of the Eating Disorder community throughout her career. She joined GBWC in 2020 and was a key player in synthesizing our mission, sharing cases with us all, elevating our website, and doing what she did best: keeping us all honest with ourselves and each other, pushing us to create solutions and providing excellent coordinated care within our team and the community.


She lived with cancer for a long time and died on March 7, 2023 and even though we knew it was inevitable, Jaime wouldn’t have surprised us by living another 50 years. She lived in the moment, fully engaged, and made every moment of her life count. If you knew her, none of our comments will surprise you. If you didn’t this will give you a glimpse into who Jaime was and just how special a woman, friend and colleague she was to us all.

Jaime was smart, determined, beautiful, thoughtful and kind. She told you like it was. She lived fiercely, never sugar coating or sidestepping a hard truth, and that made her an invaluable ally in the fight for recovery.  She was a thought leader, creator, and army general all at once.


She used her intelligence, warmth, and passion to help others throughout her life.  She was committed to clients with eating disorders and was an integral member of the professional community.  Jaime’s relationships with her clients were fueled by her belief in them asking for nothing less than their best—and asking nothing less than that of herself.

We often think 'What would Jaime do? What would Jaime say?' because Jaime was not only 100% crystal clear when she had an opinion but was also wise way beyond her years.

Though our dear Jaime is gone, we carry forward her dedication, candor and boundless passion. She will continue to be loved and missed by the GBWC team and our community, and we honor her memory by being true to ourselves, and never stop reaching for the stars. We welcome you to honor and remember this remarkable woman with us.


Our team, her family and friends are grateful to the amazing care providers through Dana Farber who were Jaime’s champions and wish to give back a little of the care and devotion they showed Jaime.  If you would like to make a donation in Jaime’s name, please go to: 


Online: Visit, and scroll down a bit to “Direct My Gift to the Following Area.” Then scroll down to select “Neurological Cancers.” Click that and choose “Brain Tumors - Adult.”


By check: Please write checks to Dana-Farber and include “Dr. Patrick Wen’s Brain Tumor Research Fund in memory of Jaime Hyde” in the memo section or enclose a note. Mailing address for check gifts: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,  P.O. Box 849168, Boston, MA 02284.

By phone: Call 1-800-52-JIMMY and tell them to direct the donation to Dr. Patrick Wen’s Brain Tumor Research Fund in memory of Jaime Hyde.


Thank you for being part of her legacy.

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