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  1. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Client attends program 3 or more times per week for a few hours each session. IOP focuses  on group and individual counseling, nutrition therapy and meal support

  2. Partial Hospitalization: Client attends program for majority of day, most days per week and sleeps at home.  Two to three meals/day are eaten at program with staff  support and supervision.  Group and individual counseling are provided.

  3. Residential: If outpatient treatment is not adequate for medical/emotional needs, clients are recommended to residential treatment.  Programs can last weeks or months depending on the client’s needs. All meals and counseling are provided as well as other integrative treatments (i.e. expressive arts, yoga, equine therapy). Transition from residential back to outpatient programs, when appropriate, is supported and facilitated by the resi and outpatient teams.

  4. Inpatient: Some clients require 24-hour care in a hospital setting to insure medical stability prior to participating in residential and/or outpatient eating disorder programs. This is the highest level of supported care and the goal is always to transition to lower levels and back to home as soon as safely possible

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