Here is what to expect once you call or email us:

  • Within 24 hours  our intake coordinator will call you back to schedule a time to talk and/or set up a first  appointment.

  • During that first  phone or email contact our intake coordinator can  answer any questions you may have about our fee schedule. If you are planning to use insurance, our intake coordinator will guide you through the  steps of contacting your insurance to determine if our services will be covered.

  • Next we will schedule a time for you and/or your family to come in and meet with one of our team       members  to discuss your  specific needs. We will be asking questions to learn more about the nature of your concerns and of course you will have questions for us as well so bring those too!

  • Once we have met for this initial visit, our team then meets to collaborate on next steps and a member of our team  will get back to you within the next week to let you know what our vision for the next steps will be.


We may:

  • Recommend another meeting with other members of your family (your partner, spouse, child)  to see our dietician or pscyhopharmecologist so that we can continue to learn about your needs

  • Recommend a group or workshop, family therapy, or a consultation with the pediatrician or family doctor to gather more medical information

  • Offer you a visit with a counselor who can meet in your home or community to gather more information about what the needs might be

  • Set up another few meetings to create a plan to work on specific concerns, such as eating out or cooking for your child with an eating disorder, or figuring out how to talk with a loved one about your concern for their health.

  • Help you in locating and investigating several treatment programs and working to help you get into one of these programs