• Contact us and express your interest (email preferred).  Our intake coordinator will respond to you within 1-2 days and schedule a time to talk with you directly.

  • During the initial conversation, our intake coordinator will ask you questions to better understand your needs, and can answer any questions you have about GBWC. 

  • To move the process forward, you will be asked to complete our Intake Form 

  • Depending on the nature of your situation, we may ask you and/or your family to meet with one of our team members for a more in-depth assessment; or we may be able to go ahead and schedule a time for you to meet directly with an individual provider.

  • After the initial assessment(s) are completed, our team meets to formulate comprehensive recommendations for you.  The specific providers on your team will share these with you.



  • What if I only need a therapist? Can I still work with GBWC?​  Yes! Provided it's appropriate for your situation, you can work with a single provider or any combination of psychotherapy, nutrition, and psychotropic medication management services.

  • Do you accept insurance? Some of our individual providers are in-network with insurance companies.  Whether you can use your insurance depends on which specific providers you work with.  This will be discussed with you during the intake process.

  • Can you accompany me to the grocery store? Absolutely- and more!  We believe that the best treatment isn't limited to a provider's office.  We provide support and coaching with grocery shopping, dining in a cafeteria or restaurant, preparing meals at home and shopping for new clothes.

  • What if I need more treatment than GBWC provides? Our collective years of experience treating eating disorders has given us connections with many different treatment facilities.  We can work with you and your family for the specific purpose of securing placement at a higher level of care.